Who am I?

     Didier Navas, painter, painting teacher                                  947267-22570820-460x306.jpg

My name is Didier Navas, I was born in 1965.
I was taught the art of painting for ten years by Robert Billant of Bergerac. Now I paint freely creating my paintings from my own inspiration.
My painting is primarily figurative. Not that I don’t appreciate abstraction, but it does not offer enough for my liking to develop my ideas.
I have a spontaneous painting style, energetic, lively, colourful, no half measures. No doubt a reflection of my personality ...
I hope above all that it transmits emotion, the cheerfulness, the contrasts between things


Why write, compose, sing and dance?
To live, to exist.
Do I paint to live my life, or is it synonymous with painting?
Both. I can not imagine my life without brushes without color tubes, surrounded by canvases. Daily charts ideas germinate in my skull. I spent days or even weeks without painting for various reasons. And I was missing something. Air for my lungs, my thirst for water, land to cultivate my inner garden, the fire to warm my heart.
That's why I paint. It is a need, a vital force.


Because that's just me. I tried several times to change, modify, disturb my habits for a revival. But I always came back to that style. So instead of trying at all costs to deny, as deepen, enrich my cravings. It has become increasingly ME.


I define a mixture of influences. It is and is born as a painter by his influences, his tastes.
Mine have looked mainly to two or three painters. Even if, moreover, I sail the Middle Ages to the classics, to modern abstraction.
My first is without context SOUTINE for its colorful enjoyment. I would almost say "colorifique" as its colors are warm and strong.
CHAGAL for his dreamlike paintings, full of carnal or religious love. It touches me.
KANDINSKY for his research on color and geometry. Colder but so talented painter.
But I will not forget my favorite:
VAN GOGH, crazy color who held the power of the line, not to mention the sheer energy he exuded in each of his paintings and emptied it of its vitality.
I think I can define myself as a colorist. Nothing amuses me more than mixing colors to define a multitude of atmospheres. The drawing is only a pretext for the game.
And there is light. My other obsession. My light is rarely white, always slightly colored.
They say that my painting is cheerful. I suffered a while. I was hoping we discovered something deeper, a feeling, an emotion .But life way, I realized that all this gaiety could be.


Give pleasure to people. Paint is happiness, so if I can restore a small part, I would be happy.
 When people spend ten minutes in a show and I see their faces light up with a smile. I won.
For a brief moment, they forgot their worries, their jobs, their pains. They were also in a world that belongs to me. They leave with that bit of the world in their head. Some forget, others keep it as a very good memory. So I tell myself that I won.
This is my most noble ambition, the other remaining more pecuniary, but not essential.
Finally, I would like to quote another painter who is part of my pictorial pantheon: PIERRE BONNARD
"It's not about painting life, it is about making a living painting."








Last edited: 10/12/2015